The IMENCA System for evaluating business opportunities & developing business models (BEC) harnesses 25 years of research, two PhDs & a longitudinal study of business plan outcomes. The result: a method of developing & scoring business plans that resulted in:

  • 89% odds of correctly predicting whether or not the business plan will attract investment funding
  • 79% odds of correctly predicting whether or not the funding business plan will, three years later, trade successfully

Now you can emulate these odds for your business or venture

Entrepreneurs – ensure your business model design achieves the kind of analysis and insight that gives you better odds of attracting investment and going on to trade successfully. Investors – ensure the business opportunities in which you are contemplating investment have given you the kind of analysis and insight that emulates the research study’s very good record for predicting outcomes. This course & workshop, run only by IMENCA accredited coaches, is a remarkable opportunity to improve your entrepreneurial capacity.

Create a Winning Business Model

At the end of your 2 day workshop you will have:

  • Understood being an entrepreneur better than ever
  • A dispassionate evaluation of your now much improved business model
  • Clearly articulated your business opportunity
  • A skilled use of your BEC software application to evaluate more opportunities
  • An evaluation of your venture’s credibility, viability and durability
  • Understood & described your business model & plan covering the 15 factors that optimise your odds
  • A clear list of improvement opportunities to get closer to optimizing your odds of investment & trading success

IMENCA’s BEC Program is the process, knowledge base, scoring and reporting built on a foundation of extensive research, including a longitudinal study of business plans pitched to investors and where funded, tracked for 3 years or trading.

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